Capital Drift -

Capital Drift - Round 1

Hello Everyone!

This past weekend I had a blast coming out to Round 1 of the Capital Drift Competition Series. Thanks to the gentlemen that gave me ride alongs and reminded me of the glorious times I had when I still had a drift car. Cant wait for the next event. 

I shot a bit of footage, here's a short 60sec clip of some of the action! 


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I also had the opportunity to witness something else that I've only ever heard about on the internet, welding using a car battery, jumper cables and a welding rod. I believe one of his previous welds broke and then Barto successfully trackside welded it back together to get back out and compete.  

Also it is the tenth anniversary of Capital Drift and Im super excited to be a part of it. I've made up these decals to mark the milestone.

To get your decal you must attend the event! They will not be available online!

So I guess this is just a bit of a recap, I hope you enjoyed!