As the entire world deals with the Corona Virus or COVID-19 having its grip on everything from health care, schools, manufacturing, logistics and international relations... pretty much everything and everyone has been affected in some way. 

I am doing my very best to keep up with all orders and strive to get each one to the customer as efficiently and effectively as possible. However, during these times of uncertainty, it is possible that some orders may be delayed. I am a one man operation that works from my basement. I have been experiencing everything from  logistical delays in my supply chains for everything from stamps to vinyl itself. Also dealing with delays in shipping of products getting to my customers. In addition, as many of you are also dealing with, schools have closed, what this means for me is that I also have my two young children home to educate and entertain.

This will NOT stop me, but it may delay me a bit!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to send me an email!

Thanks for you patience and stay safe out there!!